The Shaam Syrian Film Festival is run by the Shaam Syrian Film Association Incorporated, a Vic registered non-profit organisation, founded in 2017.
The aims of the Association are to:
  • Provide a platform for Syrian cinema to be screened in Australia
  • To being a premier international film festival event to Melbourne & Sydney.
Chilling footage of war-ravaged Syria has been dominating our screens over the last six years. Despite the brutality of war and the adversity and uncertainty that accompanies it, the resilience shown by the Syrian people has been inspiring. Art has been an important medium for this resilience, particularly film.
The inaugural Shaam Syrian Film Festival will be held in Melbourne and Sydney this year to commend this resilience through the celebration of Syrian Film.
Shaam Film Festival will provide a platform for the director and actresses to provide their vision of Syria, one that extends beyond the images of despair and catastrophe of the war. Their vision will demonstrate the strength and resilience of the human spirit and the human ability to overcome adversity with compassion intact. The Shaam film festival will also give the Australian public the opportunity to learn about Syrian culture.